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The Sustainable and Intelligent Transport Labs (StLab), where we lead the way in sustainable, multi-modes and intelligent transportation research. We are a research team from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria. Passionate about empowering students, industries, and governments through innovative and sustainable transportation solutions.

Explore our research, publications, advocacy, training, and consultancy services, to discover, build, and shape the future of sustainable and intelligent transport, one journey at a time. StLab is a hub for developing creative students, and industries' academic partner in sustainable and intelligent transport solutions for the future. Develop, elevate, and experience excellence in your transportation research and strategies.

Let’s drive change together towards sustainable, multimodal and intelligent transport through world class research and technology. Welcome to StLab.

Sustainability and transport externalities

Mobility, migration, environment and climate change

Green energy and electric vehicles

Transport infrastructure and resilience

Space and intelligent transport

Multi-mode transportation research


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By choosing StLab, students, industries and governments can develop their expertise, drive innovation, and achieve excellence in the field of sustainable and intelligent transportation. Let's build the future of transport, one journey at a time.

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Sustainability and transport externalities


Addressing the environmental, health, economic and social impacts of transportation is crucial for creating sustainable systems. Our research in this area explores the negative externalities of transport, such as emission, noise, transmission, congestion, and accident and develops strategies to mitigate these impacts. We aim to promote policies and technologies that minimize the ecological footprint of transportation while enhancing social well-being and livability of the built environment. 





Mobility, migration, environment and climate change


As climate change continues to challenge global sustainability, our research focuses on the interplay among mobility, environment and climate change. We investigate how climate change contributes to mobility choices, migratory patterns and transportation insecurity, and of course, how transportation contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, and explore sustainable mobility solutions that can help mitigate climate change effects. This includes promoting public transit, non-motorized transport, indigeneous sociological practices, and other low-emission alternatives. 





Green energy and electric vehicles


Transitioning to green energy sources and electric vehicles (EVs) is a vital step toward sustainable transportation. Our work in this field includes researching the introduction, adoption and diffusion of EVs, such as eVTOL, and the role of renewable energy in powering transportation systems. We aim to promote the shift from fossil fuels to cleaner energy solutions. 



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Transport infrastructure and resilience


Resilient and functional transport infrastructure is essential to withstand the challenges posed by population, vehicular volume, urban expansion and other disruptions. Our research focuses on investigating the interaction among the different variables to ascertain the adaptability, and capability of maintaining functionality under various stressors. This includes evaluating urban expansions, infrastructure sufficiency, and practices that enhance resilience. 






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Space and intelligent transport


The future of transportation is increasingly driven by automation and intelligent systems. Our research in this theme explores the development and implementation of autonomous vehicles, smart traffic management systems, and other intelligent transport technologies, including unconventional modes such as space travel. We aim to promote safety, efficiency, and user experience through advanced technological solutions. 





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AA Faiyetole


StLab Founder

Ayodele Adekunle Faiyetole, the StLab Lead, is a multidisciplinary researcher with a profound dedication to advancing sustainable and intelligent transportation. He conducts research critical to the future of global transport. His major recognitions include the Todd B. Hawley Space Visionary Award. Ayodele is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE).

Winner Abiodun

Winner Abiodun completed his master's thesis on climate change and movement.

Ayodeji Ibitayo

Ayodeji Ibitayo, an air traffic control engineer with the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency, completed his master's thesis on weather and aircraft movement.

Sodiq Buhari

Sodiq Buhari is completing his PhD, researching on mobility and sustainability.

Kolade Akeredolu

Kolade Akeredolu is a master's candidate exploring maritime accidents.

Alex Samuel

Alex Samuel is a master's candidate researching on an ITS.

Ayorinde Adekanle

Ayorinde Adekanle is a master's candidate exploring urban mobility.

Gbenga Ogunsoto

Gbenga Ogunsoto is a master's candidate investigating transport and sustainability.